Portland. Oregon

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The Madison Moone Story

Madison Moone’s Burlesque Revue is the story of one woman’s rise to international burlesque superstardom, her sudden fall from grace and the journey to find her way home again. Along the way Miss Moone encounters a trail of suitors, long lost loves, and broken hearts only to discover true love hiding in the one place she had never looked before‚Ķwith in herself.

Singing, dancing and teasing her way around the world Madison experiences the trials and tribulations of being a modern female. The Amazing Assets, Miss Moone’s band of hep cats join the ride along with a rotating cast of troubadours, beauties and fools. As the story unfolds an exquisite collection of musical theater favorites and classic standards provide the soundtrack for this incredible show.



Lori Madison- Artistic Director, Producer, Madison Moone

Madison Moone’s Burlesque Revue is the brainchild of Artistic Director and Producer Lori Madison. Inspired by dance and fresh from her training in opera/theater at Portland State University, Miss Madison was searching for a unique and innovative way to fuse these elements together in the ultimate artistic expression. In 2004 her vision was born. Lori began hours of extensive research and study in the roots of burlesque. During this time Miss Madison also developed a private voice lesson studio with overwhelming success. As more and more musical theater clients filtered through the studio she began to see a common thread among many female stage characters and the stories of so many burlesque stars of yester year. With influences such as Lili St. Cyr, Dixie Evans and Sally Rand the merging of burlesque and musical theater seemed a natural fit. Lori also draws from her personal musical influences such as Edith Piaf, Tom Waits and Nina Simone to create a unique and emotive theater experience. Miss Madison continues to scare the crap out of herself by taking on new challenges in movement, music and dance everyday.


Russell Gores- Musical Director

 Russell Gores is a multi instrumentalist/composer songwriter.  His music tends to focus on Folk, and Acoustic Jazz ala Django Reinhardt, Jazz, Theater, Funk and Rock.  You might see him jamming with a country band on spoons or rockin' on the drums with a funk band.  

He has played with Utah Phillips (Ani DiFranco), Dave Holland (Miles Davis),  Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck)  the Tony Starlight Show, the Pagan Jug Band, and a number of other equally great musicians.  He's an Aries and a free spirit.


Ralph Huntley-piano

Ralph Huntley has been living and playing music in Portland for nearly 20 years. Ralph has played and toured nationally with many people in different genres in Portland, including Tony Starlight (as musical director), Fernando, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes, Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theater, Marvella McPartland, Norman Sylvester, and many more. He recently recorded Dreams of Sun and Sky with Fernando Vicciconte, declared one of the ten best albums of 2001 by the Oregonian. Ralph has composed music for Do Jump Theater, written jingles for the Oregon Lottery, and has scored a number of independent film and theater projects.



Sean Hudson- Bass

Sean Hudson is a talented and in demand full-time bass player who performs in a variety of genre's.  He has performed with such acts as; Orchestra LePow! - a pioneer "pit band" in the burlesque scene, Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers, Mark Stuart and the Bastard Sons, Will West and the Friendly Strangers and the French Troubadour Eric John Kaiser.