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Final Season Premiere:

January 18, 8:30pm

Come at 7pm to see the season 5 finale!

8 Episodes


We will miss...


Every Sunday :

(Beginning January 18, 2009 & Running 8 weeks)

Previous Episode 7pm (Both Bars)


New Episode 8:30 (Both Bars)

Karaoke Starts in Karaoke Room after the 8:30 show in karaoke room

Previous Episode 10pm (Front Bar Only)

New Episode 11pm (Front Bar Only)

Encore at 7pm Monday Nights.

(Previous 7pm/New 8pm)

Only 8 Episodes in the Final Season.


What will we do when the L word ends?


Leisha Hailey will star in a pilot presentation spinoff of THE L WORD® for SHOWTIME scheduled to begin shooting in December. Ilene Chaiken, creator and executive producer of THE L WORD®, will return to write and produce the pilot.

THE L WORD® will premiere its sixth and final season in January 2009, marking the end of an era chronicling the lives of these iconic characters that have played a pivotal role in changing cultural perceptions of lesbians and the transgender community on and off screen.

Since the series' inception, Hailey has played "Alice" – a bubbly yet out-and-proud lesbian living in Los Angeles amongst a group of friends as they navigate careers, families, friendships, inner struggles, and romantic entanglements.